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Robin Hood (2018) Review

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Robin Hood (2018)

Robin returns from the Crusades to find his country a different place from when he left. He has been declared dead, his assets seized by the Sheriff of Nottingham and his true love Marion has moved on. Unhappy with how his country has become, Robin begins a campaign to rectify the damage caused to the kingdom.

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Many have told the story of Robin Hood over the years, most memorable recently Robin Hood (2010) starring Russell Crowe and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) with Kevin Costner as Robin, however, none have told the story quite like this.

Directed by Otto Bathurst (Black Mirror, Criminal Justice), Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and starring Taron Egerton (Eddie the Eagle, Rocketman) as Robin Hood, the narrative follows Robin as he returns from the Crusades.

He finds his country is a different place from when he left and that he has been declared dead with his assets seized by the Sheriff of Nottingham, Ben Mendelsohn (Rogue One, Ready Player One) to fund the war overseas.

The love of his life Marion, Eve Hewson (Bridge of Spies, Blood Ties) has also made a new life for herself believing Robin is never coming home.

Unhappy with high taxes for the poor and the state of affairs in England since his absence, Robin and his newly acquired associate John, Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained, Ray) begin a campaign to rectify the damage caused to the kingdom.

Action scenes are very fast paced compared with previous Robin Hood movies, sometimes feeling like a computer game such as Assassins Creed. Strategy of warfare is ridiculous with bow and arrow replacing machine guns for close combat and almost having a Guy Richie feel to it.

Acting is fair from all throughout and includes a superb comical supporting role from Tim Minchin (The Secret River, Californication) playing Friar Tuck which lightens the film in places.

If you like Robin Hood movies from the past this may be one to skip due to the drastic changes in format, however if Assassins Creed or Hardcore Henry are among your favourites then you will not be disappointed!

Robin Hood is available on Blu-ray and is currently streaming. It looks amazing in UHD on Rakuten TV!


  • Brilliant comical supporting role from Tim Minchin


  • Modern strategy / weapons in action may put off Robin Hood fans


Acting - 6
Story - 5
Cinematography - 5
Music & Sound - 5
Likeability - 5
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