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Fallen (2016) Review

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Fallen (2016)

On her first day of boarding school, a young lady meets a man who seems incredibly familiar. With some strange happenings at the school, Sword of Cross, she soon realises he is a fallen angel who has battled over her for centuries.

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Based on Lauren Kate’s ‘Fallen’ series which repeatedly topped the New York Times Bestseller list, Fallen follows Luce, Addison Timlin, (That Awkward Moment, TV’s Californication) as she is sent to reform school, Sword and Cross. In this adaptation brought to you by Director Scott Hicks (Shine, The Boys Are Back) there is mystery and intrigue from the outset.

Sword and Cross is full of interesting characters including Cameron, Harrison Gilbertson, (Need For Speed, Haunt) and Daniel, Jeremy Irvine, (War Horse, Great Expectations) whom seem to have something to do with the strange visions Luce has been having since a little girl. She begins her quest to find out what her visions mean and delves into a past that seems all too familiar.

Fallen has a Twilight Saga feel to it, aimed at teens and young adults yet can be enjoyed by all ages. Instead of vampires, the story follows the tale of angels falling to earth in a dispute with God. Ultimately this is a love story following Luce as she discovers her hidden past and decides which path she must take for her future, and of course, which love interest to choose.

Visual effects are of decent quality and the way Luce’s flashbacks are incorporated works well adding to the mystery. Script is fine in, again, a Twilight Saga way, however I must say I have not read Lauren Kate’s ‘Fallen’ series. After researching fans’ reactions to the movie, it is apparent that not all aspects have been in keeping to the annoyance of some.

Fallen has a clear teen niche which it fills well. The story draws you in making the next instalment keenly awaited.



Acting - 6
Story - 6
Cinematography - 7
Music & Sound - 6
Likeability - 6
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