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The End of TV?

The End of TV?

Almost exactly a year ago, 17th July 2018, Ofcom announced that the three biggest streaming services in the UK (Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky’s Now TV) had overtaken the number of pay TV subscriptions.

Will it be the end of TV?

Not for a long time I’m sure, however changing technology, affordability and ease of use makes streaming very appealing to the masses.Paragraph

Technology has had a vast impact across a whole range of industries and services just in the last few decades. Think of the newspaper and how their organisations have had to adapt since the creation of the internet, and how major TV stations have ensured their survival by making content available through on-demand services.

To reflect the shift in viewing habits and the popularity of streaming, The Flix Review is adding a dedicated area specifically for content available through major streaming services. There will be regular updates on recently added content, recommendations on what is already available and, of course, reviews!

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Like most people I watch movies and TV to relax. I usually manage to watch between 3 and 5 movies a week and like to have a couple of series on the go at the same time to break things up. Yes… I do have square eyes!

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