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A Warrior’s Tail (2016) Review

Adventure Animation Family Fantasy
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A Warrior’s Tail (2016)

When a village of humans protected by wolves is invaded by a pack or hyenas, it is up to one boy to save them all!

A Warrior's Tail (2015) on IMDb

Writer Gregory Poirier (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, National Treasure: Book of Secrets) brings you a tale of a young boy called Savva, embarking on a journey through a magical land in this animated adventure.

Savva lives with his mother in a village protected by white wolves. When the village is invaded by a pack of hyenas and everyone held captive, Savva must set off on his quest to find help and save his mother and the inhabitants.

During his journey he finds more companions, each with their own reason to join the quest and help Savva along the way.

Despite this movie being aimed at a younger audience and having the voices of Milla Jovovich (the Resident Evil series, The Fifth Element), Joe Pesci (Home Alone, The Good Shepherd), Whoopi Goldberg (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Toy Story 3) and Sharon Stone (Alpha Dog, Casino) onboard, this narrative seems to move too quickly without elaborating, building or developing characters and much of the script feeling like it has been taken from other films.

A younger audience may enjoy this movie as there are some lively scenes with music, dance and colourful oddities. Sadly, parents may feel let down by the under developed characters and plot.

A Warrior’s Tale is released in Cinemas from 1st April 2016 and DVD on 11th April 2016.



Acting - 4
Story - 2
Cinematography - 4
Music & Sound - 4
Likeability - 3
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